What to look for when choosing a safari in Tanzania

Updated 02.10.2022

1. What will be the car?
Best of all is a 7-passenger Range Rover with a drop-top (not to be confused with jeeps without a roof). It is important that the car has air conditioning. The comfort of the trip directly depends on this. Of course, it is better if the car is new.

2. What is included in the tour price?
Sometimes unscrupulous travel agencies, luring tourists with a low price, forget to mention that tickets to the park will need to be paid separately. There are also additional locations for which you need to pay extra. For example, the Masaev village.

3. How many people will be in the group.
Less is better. Usually the group consists of 6 people.

4. Will all participants have seats near the windows.
What's the point of going on safari if you can't see anything?

5. Will binoculars be issued or do you need to take them with you?
It is not always possible for a car to drive close to animals, so if you do not have binoculars, you risk ruining your trip.

Safari in Tanzania

6. Is there a radio in the car?
This is VERY important as the drivers discuss among themselves the way the animals move.

7. How many hours on the road, how many in the park itself?
Feel free to specify the detailed travel plan.

8. Will the accommodation be located in the park or outside?
It is better if in the park - in the morning you can leave early.

9. Read the reviews of those who have already been on safari.

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