10 practical tips from a tourist visiting Zanzibar

Updated 02.10.2022

1. The airport is very hot. It makes sense to change into summer clothes on the plane and take water in a dutik. People fainted from overheating.

2. It is better not to take small dollars, they have a low rate. Banknotes from 2009 and newer. Not a bad exchange rate at a kiosk near the airport. (on the picture)

3. The best cafe in Nungwi:
- Waves, next to Union. The portions are big and tasty.
- Mamma mia about nothing but pizza.
- M&J is a great cafe and accepts cards.

4. There is an ATM at the gas station on the way to Kendwa, near the Police Department.
Tell the taxi driver I want "cash machine bank".
The withdrawal fee is fixed, so it is better to withdraw the maximum amount.

5. Taxi throughout the village costs no more than 10,000. (Harley, there are a lot of them).
D Stone town normal price 80,000 - 100,000 (round trip and walk there for 3-4 hours.)
Cheaper than Toyota Noah, Alphard is more expensive.

6. Prices for fruits 1kg.
Pineapple 3000
Banana bunch 3000
Avocado 2000
Passion fruit 3000
Mango 1000 (1pc)

7. Souvenirs
Dresses, shirts are cheaper on the beach at pedestrian vendors. They sell well and don't pay rent.
Bracelets, magnets, figurines normal price 5000, bargain. In the tents, they got a little tired, because the season has begun, prices are inflated by 3 times.

8. The best places for swimming in Kendwa and Nungwi.
Creams 80-100 are required to start with, the sun is very active.

9. There are a lot of hedgehogs, but no one died. Lemon juice and papaya. Take tweezers with you to get large needles. Don't rely too much on light slippers from the sports master, it can stick on the side.

10. The traffic on the island is peculiar, you need to think hard before you get behind the wheel. Narrow roads, lots of local cyclists and kids. If you sit down, be extremely careful and do not exceed a reasonable speed.

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