Jozani Park

Лес Джозани
Лес Джозани
Лес Джозани
Лес Джозани
Лес Джозани
Лес Джозани
The Jozani forest is best known for its red colobus monkeys, which are listed in the Red Book. About 20 years ago, monkeys were thought to be endangered. About 6,000 red colobus monkeys currently live in Jozani Forest.

You will walk along the Pita Jozani alley. It runs through coral thickets, mangrove forests and a stream. Mangrove forests are extremely important to Zanzibar's ecosystems, providing habitat for many lizards, snakes and birds, as well as preventing coastal erosion.

Jozani Forest is located 38 km southeast of Stone Town. In 1995, the Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Project was established to protect the largest surviving patch of native forest that used to cover the entire island.

In the forest of Jozani, in their natural habitat, you can see such animals as polar cod and red colobus, bush pigs, duiker and suni Adera, elephant shrews, chameleons and many other birds.

The tour price includes:
- Services of an English-speaking guide
- Transfer
- Entry tickets

for 1 person


Quite an interesting place. We saw a lot of monkeys and even small cubs.

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